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I, Daniel Blake

Daniel Blake is an older trapped by a repressive system; his benefits have been cut off, even though he has been told by doctors that he cannot go back to work. He befriends Katie and her two children; she fails to show up to an appointment at the precise time it is scheduled and loses out on benefits she and her children need to live. Daniel and Katie help each other to make it through the days. I think this an excellent film about people caught up in systems having all the appearances of doing good but that have enough cracks that people get lost through them. There are the scenes (some of them quite funny, but at the same time not funny) where Daniel keeps getting caught in completely illogical loops and the incessant times of being put on hold that most would easily recognize. It isn’t easy being older (but not old enough for retirement) and struggling to understand the modern and more “efficient” systems. Big thumbs up from me for a movie that has a few awkward moments but is a very human movie about people who find ways to take care of each other in the bleakest of times.

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