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Animated film by Hayao Miyazaki about a little goldfish who dreams of being a human girl. One day, she slips past her father and travels to the surface of the ocean, only to be rescued by a little boy Sosuki. He immediately is taken by the goldfish and names her Ponyo. The rest of the movie is her adventure toward realizing her dream. The best thing about this film is the animation – its action and rich, brilliant colors are sensational. It is a very original fairy tale that is a twist to the “Little Mermaid” story that is not nearly as rich but still is quite moving, particularly in the scenes with Ponyo’s mother toward the end of the story. Thumbs up for a film that definitely will work for young children and adults (I am not so sure about teenagers, however) with its engaging little characters and the rich colors. The movie is dubbed in English so reading subtitles is not required.


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