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What the Health?

This is the newest (Netflix) movie about the benefits of whole food, plant based diets. Kip Anderson interviews many people who have a stake in whole food, plant based diets, including people such as Gregor, Barnard, Esselsten, and others. Each speaks from his or her perspective about the health benefits of whole-food, plant based eating. While the film suffers from some of the same flaws as other films in this genre, such as interviewing people who collectively have the same viewpoint about diet and nutrition, it still does a very good job of highlighting the ways that the American diet is failing our health. While I have no doubt regarding the benefits of this kind of diet in helping people to get off of blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medications, some claims are a bit far-fetched. For example, I don’t know whether eating animal protein is really as bad or worse than smoking cigarettes. Another good aspect of the film is the examination of impact of meat and dairy industry lobbyists on the diet of Americans as well as how deeply they have infiltrated various panels that come up with dietary recommendations. I give this film a thumb’s up for its presentation of a healthier alternative to the traditional diet and its questioning the source of the guidelines governing healthy deit recommendations. This is a good film for those who are not familiar with whole food plant based diets that can serve as a base for further and deeper exploration of the topic.

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