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Beyond Food

The directors visit people who have different answers to how to get more in touch with their bodies through food, exercise, and meditation. I found the film to be interesting to see the different perspectives. However, there are several downsides to the movie. Almost none of it is research-based; these are the claims made by individuals who themselves have improved through the specific regimen they adopted. The concepts are not really explored in any depth; one example is the use of the term “biohacking”. I searched this after the film and did not get a clear understanding of how this applies to the people in the movie. The stories are so fragmented that it is challenging to find connecting threads or overall themes the directors are trying to make. One theme that deserves exploration, for example, is the extent to which focus on the body produces the desired effects; this seems reasonable, but it also leaves open the possibility that what people are doing in the long run may not be healthy. I recommend this film only for the exploration of a limited number of alternatives people seek to become healthy. Otherwise, the illumination it provides is extremely limited.

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