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Aura (Lena Dunham) has just graduated from college with a film degree and returns home to live with her mother and sister Nadine (played by her Lena’s sister Grace), who is about the graduate from high school. The film provides a very interesting and very personal look at what it is like to be thrust into “the real world” with not a lot of prospects. She finds a job as a restaurant hostess that doesn’t last very long. She meets a man Jed who is kind of a waste and doesn’t reciprocate her interests. She fights with her mom and sister and cannot seem to quite make it all work while always acknowledging that she is struggling with how to “get it right”. I thought the film gave great insight on what millennials face in trying to strike out on their own in a world that expects them to do it seamlessly. Thumbs up from me for movie that is honest, sometimes funny, and always tries to provide insight into an experience that many of us recognize but may not have experienced for ourselves.


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