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Middle of Nowhere

In an early film from Ana Duvernay (who also directed the great films 13th and Selma), Ruby’s husband has been sent to prison for 10 years with the hope that he will be released in 5 years if he has good behavior. Ruby becomes a nurse and dutifully makes sacrifices to pay for a parole attorney and to keep all documentation related to his case current. When a betrayal occurs, and when Ruby falls in love with a bus driver, she must decide how to move forward with her life. I loved the film. The acting by all is first-rate, especially by Emayatzy Corinealdi who plays Ruby; Corinealdi has such wonderful control in ever scene. The film also paints a rich picture of the context in which Black women like Ruby make decisions. Her mother raised Ruby and her sister as a single parent; Ruby’s sister is also a single parent who barely makes ends meet; and Ruby’s husband is caught in a prison system in which he contributes to his own problems. Big thumbs up for a wonderful story of Black women’s resilience and what it takes to make the big decisions in life. This is one of those unnoticed films that should be seen.


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