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Whose Streets?

This is a documentary of the events surrounding the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. What I really liked about this film was its perspective; the story was told form the viewpoint of the activists who engaged after Brown’s death and after the grand jury verdict essentially acquitted the officer who shot him. The film contains a combination of news footage, home videos, and tweets that document the unrest that occurred in the neighborhood in which the death happened. The activists are presented not as a group of likeminded people but rather as individuals with diverse ideas on the best way to approach the incidents. I am used to documentaries that attempt to examine an incident from multiple perspectives; however, I found that I really appreciated the different direction this film chose to make its point. I did not always agree with the tactics, but I understood why the residents reacted in the ways they did. Thumbs up from me for another film on race relations in America that should be considered essential viewing.

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