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Chris Evans plays Frank, a single father parenting his niece Mary (McKenna Grace). Mary is extremely brilliant, which is noticed by her teacher when Frank finally ends her home schooling and sends Mary to school. Frank works very hard to try to ensure Mary has a normal schooling, and he consistently tries to downplay her gift. Mary’s grandmother (Franks mom) Evelyn suddenly comes into the picture and insists that she wants custody of Mary to ensure she gets to schools where she can actualize her gift. Why Frank is so insistent on protecting Mary from this reveals itself as the story unfolds. The movie has a rather predictable storyline. However, I still found the story to be engaging and sweet. The little girl who played Mary does a nice job, and I liked Chris Evan’s portrayal of a parent who is not sure that what he is doing is right. Olivia Spencer plays a neighbor friend to Frank and Mary. There is enough drama and plot twists and turns to keep a story interesting and engaging that in other hands might be reduced to an insignificant tearjerker. This gets a thumbs-up from me.

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