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Jesus Camp

This documentary provides an enlightenting examination of “Kids on Fire”, an Evangelical summer camp for Christian children and their parents, the children who attend, and Becky Fisher, the woman who started the camp. Some of the images are memorable – kids crying, speaking in tongues, and being provided “instruction” on the immorality of abortion. There is one scene with a cutout of George Bush Jr. that is rather bizarre. My immediate reaction was “indoctrination”, but is it really indoctrination? I think it is a credit to the film that it provides a pretty balanced look at the experience and the young children who are being trained in a fundamentalist Christian outlook. Even though the film is balanced, one cannot help to wonder about the restricted view of life and science that the summer camp reinforces. Thumbs up for a film that, while limited in scope, provides insight into the priorities of the fundamentalist Christian movement.

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