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Elle (played by Lily Tomlin) is a somewhat bitter feminist who has just thrown her girlfriend out of the house. Right afterwards, her granddaughter Sage appears needing $600 for an abortion. With no money, Elle and Sage take to the road to try to muster the money so that she can keep her 5:45pm appointment. Along the way, Elle’s story is revealed – we learn about her past relationships as well as her relationship with her daughter Judy (Sage’s mom). I enjoyed the movie, although I did not think it great. I liked Lily Tomlin’s performance; this was an excellent role for her. I did not like the script too much; it has its strong points when it sticks close to the story, but it felt like there were a lot of story lines that were either not well explained or were “tidied up” too quickly (or not cleared up at all). Thumbs up for a movie that belongs to Tomlin and is very funny in places.

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