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Blade Runner 2049

Ryan Gosling is Agent K, a newer version of replicants, which are bioengineered humans who are created to be laborers. Agent K is a blade runner, a replicant whose task it is to search out and destroy older models of replicants who have “gone rogue”. When K sought out and killed one of these replicants, he discovered the bones of an infant.  Since replicants were not engineered to become pregnant, K set off on his own to figure out what happened. This film is wonderful on multiple levels. The scenes of Los Angeles, San Diego and Las Vegas in this dystopian future are visually stunning (I wish I had seen it on a much larger screen).  The minimalist score creates an eerie and tense mood to the film. The script is great and full of surprises and reveals a deep story brimming with emotional depth. And the acting by all is great, especially Sylvie Hooks who plays Luv, constantly on Agent K’s trail and really evil, and of course Ryan Gosling. He plays his character strong on the outside and conflicted and dealing with emotions that replicants are not supposed to feel on the inside; this all plays out through his eyes and facial expressions. He is mesmerizing. Big thumbs up for a film that is very captivating, particularly the further into the film you get. I thought it was a bit longer than it could have been, but I am not complaining; the plot twists and turns, beautiful cinematography, and great acting keep the film moving at a good pace. I watched the first Blade Runner just before seeing the new version. While I was glad that I watched it, because I realized I had missed an excellent movie and there is one part of the storyline that is extended and involves Harrison Ford, you don’t need to have seen the first to enjoy second.  It is a sequel, but it works well as its own film. I am also surprised that the movie is not doing better at the box office. This is wonderful science fiction.

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