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Loving Vincent

I have been waiting for about 3 years for this movie to come to the screen, and it was well worth the wait! This was originally a Kickstarter campaign that was used to raise money to help actualize the project. It is hard to fathom, a film that has a narrative structure to it and that is entirely painted – over 100 artists created paintings that were used to bring Van Gogh’s paintings into motion. The story begins with a postman who discovers a letter from Vincent to his brother Theo; he asks his son, who seems to be routinely drunk, to deliver the letter to Theo. Finding out that Theo had died not long after Vincent, the son embarks on a journey to find someone to whom the letter should be delivered. In the process, we learn about Van Gogh’s life and the various people who knew him during the years he painted. The characters come from his paintings, and actors voice the parts. The overall effect is amazing and very hard to describe – it is one of those films you must see to grasp the magnitude of what the director has accomplished. Van Gogh’s paintings are brought to life and shimmer with the changing light and movements of the characters. I loved the story, the rich, vibrant colors, and the effort that went into making something that is totally unique. Big thumbs up for a one-of-a-kind, visually stunning film experience that also teaches us a little about Van Gogh’s life.

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