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Sean Baker apparently shot this little gem of a film using primarily an iPhone. He captures a day (Christmas Eve) in the life of two transgender street workers living in West Hollywood. Sin-Dee is just out of prison and on parole, and Alexandra is her best friend. All is well on Sin-Dee’s first day out of prison until she finds out that her pimp boyfriend Chester cheated on her while she was inside. What follows is a hilarious romp through the streets of West Hollywood as Sin-Dee tries to track down Chester to seek revenge. This was my first exposure to Sean Baker, who seems to have a knack for beautifully capturing the lives of people who live on the margins of society (I followed my viewing of this with The Florida Project, where he succeeds brilliantly in this regard). The movie is very funny, fast-paced, and has a documentary-like feel. The two leads, who are also both transgender, are brilliant and keep the story crackling with electricity. Big thumbs up for a movie that doesn’t really have much of a plot but serves as a brilliant character study and very funny introduction to the world of transgender street workers.

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