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Human Flow

This documentary examines the state of human migration around the world and its consequences for migrators and well as those countries to which people migrate. The film includes a lot of very interesting statistics; one of the first ones is that 65 million people have been involved in migrations and that 34,000 people per day migrate due to famine, political turmoil, and war. The director travels to areas around the world most impacted by these migrations – Iraq, Jordan, Afghanistan, Africa, Greece, Germany, Gaza among others, and even the United States with its border wall. The images are striking, and while a few of the images seemed unnecessarily manipulative, overall the film succeeds in putting faces and stories, told from those directly affected, to those who have been forced to migrate. Some of the aerial shots of various refugee camps are stunning and help demonstrate just how massive is the contemporary human migration phenomenon. Thumbs up for a film that reminds us that there are very good reasons why people have been forced to migrate and that people have a right to try to find a better life for themselves and their families.

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