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God’s Own Country (Great Britain)

Johnny lives with his mum and dad on a farm in northern England. His dad has had minor stroke, leaving him with much less mobility and the running of the farm to Johnny. Johnny is rather “rough around the edges”; he does a bad job of managing the farm. He spends his nights drinking himself sick and having casual sex. Johnny’s dad hires a migrant worker from Romania, Gheorghe, to help manage the farm. The film is beautifully shot, with its views of England details of farm life, and it is very well acted. The overlay of the sights and sounds of spring on the farm with the story of the emerging relationship between Johnny and Gheorghe gives the film a poetic air. The film is supposedly partly autobiographical, and the photos of the director’s farm at the end are a nice touch. Thumbs up or a beautiful romance film. This must be the year for gay romance films; BPM, which I reviewed previously, won one of the jury prizes at Cannes, the present film won the world director’s award at Sundance, and there is a new movie coming, Call Me By Your Name, that has a lot of raves surrounding it.

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