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Thor: Ragnarok

In this third installment of the Thor series, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) faces off with a new villain – his sister Hela (played by Kate Blanchett) – in an effort to save Asgard from extinction (Ragnarok). This is a very different kind of Thor from the previous films, which were much more “superhero serious”. This Thor is funny and campy and never takes itself too seriously. For me, that works as a blessing and a curse. I really enjoyed the humor (my son Reyle enjoyed it but did not find it to be particularly funny), but at times it seemed to be a bit too “over the top” (I kept thinking of the Scary Movies that lampooned the horror film genre). Despite humor that sometimes feels a bit excessive and its length, the movie is still highly entertaining. There are plentiful extended-action sequences (the final battle scene and its music are quite spectacular). The acting is very good; Blanchett makes a wonderfully evil Hela, and Tessa Thompson who plays a (drunken) warrior Valkyrie is funny and excellent. There is a hilarious cameo early in the film, and several Marvel characters make their appearances. Thumbs up for a film from a director who was clearly having a great time and that is solid entertainment, even if its own silliness gets the best of it sometimes.

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