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Thank You For Your Service

Adam (Miles Teller), Solo and Billy return to civilian life after deployments in Iraq. Adam suffers from PTSD and recurring nightmares; Solo has a brain injury that has caused problems with his memory; and Billy returns to find his home empty. The film, based on a non-fiction book inspired by true events, chronicles the struggles these men have in their adjustment to civilian life and the toll the war has taken on them and their families. While the film was a bit heavy-handed in places, I liked the overall story. The acting is very good, especially by Teller, who seems to have a knack for playing these kinds of characters who seem to survive in spite of the odds. He brings an intensity to his character and reflects the experiences of others that is gripping and heartbreaking. While the story of the consequences of war is not necessarily new, the film was compelling in its depiction of how combat changes people’s lives and the risk veterans face getting lost as they try to make their return to civilian life. Thumbs up for a film that felt like it was just skimming the surface of the issue but still makes important points about the consequences of war. I will leave it to those who actually served in combat to judge the veracity of the experiences, but the results of war on these men felt very real

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