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A Fantastic Woman

(Chilean with English Subtitles): Orlando, recently divorced, has fallen in love with Marina (Daniela Vega), a transgendered waitress and a nightclub singer. The film opens with them having dinner and celebrating her birthday, where he surprises Marina with a trip for them. That night, Orlando suddenly falls ill and dies from a brain aneurysm. The film is about how she deals with Orlando’s family, the police, and her own emotions.  The film is beautifully shot and richly textured with colors. It is the on-screen charisma of Daniela Vega that carries the film. She brings such depth of expression of joy, anger, humiliation, and pride to all of the experiences she endures by her family, and the director does a fantastic job of capturing everything exquisitely with his camera. Big thumbs up for a film that showcases the performance of a terrific transgendered actress and tells the story of her love and loss so delicately and with such grace.

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