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The Divine Order

(Switzerland with English Subtitles): In the late 1960s, the women’s liberation movement around the world was making progress toward women’s rights. In Switzerland, women still did not have the right to vote, and men made the decisions about how women would spend their time. Nora is a housewife married to the love of her life, Hans. They have two young boys. Every morning, they take the boys to school, and she goes off to clean house. Hans dutifully pays her to tend to the household. One day, Nora tells Hans that she wants to go to work, and she finds a job that interests her. Hans tells her that he won’t permit it. At the same time, Nora becomes involved with a couple of other women who are advocating for women’s right to vote. The movie tells the story of the consequences of Nora’s involvement to her husband, family, and community. I enjoyed the film and the way that it tells Nora’s story and the story of women in Switzerland. The movie also captured well the positions on both sides of the issue and the justification even women used for maintaining the status quo. Thumbs up for a film that is charming, tells a great story, and presents a slice of history of which I was not previously aware (that women in Switzerland did not get to vote legally in federal elections until 1971).

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