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This film is based on the book of the same name I read last year with my daughter who had this as an assignment. It is the story of a young boy Auggie who has a genetic condition that caused him to have a disfigured face. He has been homeschooled, and now that he is ready to start 5th grade, his parents think this is the best time for him to enter regularly. One thing I loved about the book is the way the story is told, from the perspective of Auggie, his sister Via, his sister’s best friend Miranda, and Jack Will, his best friend from school. The film is faithful to the story told in the book. The film is well-acted, and it is a charming movie with a great message about difference and how being in middle school can be hard for anyone, particularly someone who stands out. Thumbs up from me for a movie that, while it may not be of interest to all teens, it indeed would be good for kids who are in middle school.

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