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Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Knowing the risk of potential death threats and, even worse, threats of unfriending on Facebook, I will tread very carefully – no spoilers. The obvious beginning: The resistance is in perilous condition; its numbers are few compared with the massive forces of the First Order. The Resistance makes a bold strike; meanwhile, Rey heads back to find Luke Skywalker to coax him to join the resistance. That is all. The Last Jedi is a wonderful and very entertaining film, probably my favorit of the enterprise to date. The script contains a lot of humor that is funny and a departure from the seriousness of previous episodes. The score is wonderful. There is a lot of action. New characters are introduced, played by Oscar Isaac and Laura Dern, who are fascinating. While not all of the individual storylines worked for me, the main story is rich and engaging. Overall, I felt more connected to the characters than I have in previous episodes. There is also a lot more nuance given to the lines between good and evil. Big thumbs up from me – the films seem to get better and better. With all of the storylines, there is enough fodder to feel many, many more sequels. I saw this one in IMAX 3D and enjoyed it, although I suspect 3D is not entirely necessary for full enjoyment.

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