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The Darkest Hour

Gary Oldman plays Winston Churchill from the time that he was asked to serve as Prime Minister following the loss of confidence in the current prime minister through his speech to Parliament that committed England to the war against Hitler, a span of a few weeks). I will start by saying that Oldman gives an award-winning performance of a man who appears to be at times indecisive, at others driven by purpose, and always smoking cigars and drinking scotch. I found the story often unfocused. At times, it looked like the story of Dunkirk from the politician’s point of view, and this might have made a wonderful story had the script focused on that particular incident. At other times, it appeared to be about the political wrangling that led to Churchill’s rise to power. Overall, I did not always find what was presented believable. The film gets a thumb’s up from me, primarily for Oldman’s performance.

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