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Call Me By Your Name

Elio (Timothee Chalamet) lives with his parents in Italy. He is intellectually and musically gifted and has a great relationship with his parents who ensure he has access to the best that culture has to offer. Each summer, his father, who is a professor of antiquity, hires an intern to study with him. This summer of 1983 it is Oliver (Armie Hammer). Elio and Oliver become deeply involved in each other’s lives in ways that will change both of them. This film is by far the most beautiful coming out/coming of age story I have seen. The cinematography capturing this small town in Italy is stunning – it always felt like I was looking out a bright and sunny window. The acting by all is stellar, but the film belongs to Chalamet, who manages to portray the longing, the exuberance, and the heartbreak of a first love. But the magic happens because of the team of Chalamet and the director. The director seems to know what that first love “looks like” and where to focus the camera and capture subtle moments that give that love away – eyes engaged in fleeting glances, scribbles in a journal, the wistfulness of love – and Chalamet delivers those scenes brilliantly. The soundtrack is great, and the ending scenes of the movie are some of the most remarkable in the film. Huge thumbs up for a masterpiece of acting, directing, and storytelling. The film deserves the acclaim that it is getting. And even though it is a coming out story, the themes of the importance of family and first love transcend the genre. Bravo!!!

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