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Jennifer Lawrence plays Mother, and Javier Bardem plays Him, a married couple who move into Him’s family home that had burned to the ground. Mother is an interior designer who has given up work to spend time renovating the rebuilt home and to support Him, a poet who is dealing with writer’s block. The house is isolated and almost unnoticeable. However, one day, Man (played by Ed Harris) appears; he is a fan of Him’s work. From here, a lot of very bizarre things begin to happen. Mother! is an interesting movie. Darren Aronofsky, who directed Black Swan and Noah, has established a reputation for intense films with creative vision; this film that fits into the horror genre is no different. The acting, especially by Jennifer Lawrence, is very good. Some of the scenes are very creative and somewhat over-the-top (in a positive way). I enjoyed the film and found it mesmerizing in places (particularly in the latter half), so I give it a thumbs-up. Overall, I am not sure the story worked very well for me, but I am glad I saw it, as I will always see an Aronofsky film and one in which Jennifer Lawrence stars.

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