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Danielle MacDonald plays Patti, a young woman who dreams of being a rapper. She faces challenging odds; to start, she does not fit the image of a rap star. She works as a bartender to earn money to help support herself, her mom, and her grandmother. Her best friend and champion, Jheri, is constantly on the lookout for gigs to showcase Patti’s musical talents. I found the movie to be very charming. There are a lot of influences here. I recognized parts of the story from “8-Mile”, “Hustle and Flow”, and “Precious”, all of which explore the roots of talent and creativity and the struggles involved in gaining recognition for that talent. MacDonald is wonderful, as is Bridget Everett, who plays her alcoholic mother. Thumbs up for a movie that is rather predictable and doesn’t tell a very different story from similar films but is still very charming; most of that charm derives from the solid performances.

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