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For me, a new Paul Thomas Anderson movie is an event I won’t ever miss. And a film that reunites the collaboration between him and Daniel Day-Lewis (“There Will Be Blood”) sweetens the pot. In this film, Day-Lewis plays Reynolds, a dress designer obsessed with his craft. Early on he meets Anna (Vicki Krieps) with whom he quickly becomes enchanted. Filling out the triangle is his sister Cyril (Lesley Manville). This film is an art film lover’s dream. It is gorgeous to look at; every scene, each frame, is exquisitely captured. The music is lovely and complements what is happening in the relationship beautifully. There are flashes of wicked comedy as the psychological triangle between Reynolds, his sister, and Anna plays out. Daniel Day-Lewis gives one of the finest and emotionally charged performances of the year; the acting overall is exceptional. The film remains mysterious throughout; it doesn’t seem to have much of a plot point, yet the film is so lovely to look at that I didn’t miss it much. Then the end comes and wow! I didn’t expect it, but I felt rather giddy that what I watched was a masterpiece of craftsmanship and storytelling. Huge thumbs up for a film that my friend called “deliciously perverse”. It is a great way to describe it.

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