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The Last Men in Aleppo

Documentary about the White Helmets, a group of civilians who respond to places in Aleppo that have been bombed and search for survivors. The director follows a few of the White Helmets during the highs and lows of their rescue work and their rest periods. The film provides stunning on-the-ground insight into what is happening in Syria. I enjoyed the more intimate moments with White Helmets as they interact with and talk about their families; those personal reflections and observations create a stark contrast to the devastation in which they risk their lives on a daily basis. Big thumbs up for a film that does what great documentaries do – provide depth of insight and awareness of the events happening that tend to stay out of the public focus. Last year’s short documentary, The White Helmets, is also exemplary, and I recommend that if you want similar impact in a more concise film.

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