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Paddington 2

This film picks up where the first left off. Paddington, the bear, is living happily with his London family, the Browns (Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins are the parents). It is Paddington’s aunt’s 100th birthday, and he wants to get her something special. Mr. Gruber (Jim Broadbent) at the antique store shows Paddington a pop-up book of London, which Paddington decides he wants to get his aunt, but he has to work and save up a lot of money to buy it. The desire to buy the book launches Paddington into a series of adventures. I loved this movie, which is also a terrific sequel. The acting is marvelous, especially Hugh Grant who is perfectly cast to play a pretty comical villain. The film is technically well crafted. Best of all, it is just a funny and cheery movie. It has ample laughs and feel-good moments with a bear who views every twist and turn in his life with a big smile. Big thumbs up for a film that has all-ages appeal. You can easily see this without having seen the original, but why deprive yourself of the pleasure? Just to give validity to my review, Eliza loved the film.

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