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Game Night

This film is about a game night gone wrong. Max (Jason Bateman) and his wife Annie (Rachel McAdams) start a tradition of Game Night during which couples get together to compete in a variety of living room games. Regulars include Ryan, who brings a different woman each night; Kevin and Michelle, who squabble over a secret held by Michelle; and Gary, the left-out neighbor. One night, Max’s brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler), in town for a visit, adds a twist by telling everyone that he has added a twist to Game Night in that events will happen that they won’t know as real or fake. There is quite a cast of characters who are uniquely funny and react to the events in different and often hilarious ways. I particularly liked Gary Magnussen, whose date on this particular night flips the “ditzy blonde” stereotype. While in the end, I found much of the movie to be forgettable, I did laugh often, so I give it a thumbs-up for its immediate and non-enduring entertainment value – it made for a comic diversion at the end of a particularly stressful day. The movie looks and feels a lot like Date Night, which I think is the much better film of the two.

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