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The Death of Stalin

This film is a farce about the jockeying for power after Joseph Stalin dies. It is a hard film to describe. First, I am not familiar with this part of history, so I don’t know how much of this is true (although it seems to be based on facts). Second, the film is hilarious; the one-liners flow fast and furious as each of the key characters around Stalin (Kruschev, played by a very funny Steve Buschemi, the general of the army, the head and convener of the Party, his children, and a host of right-hand men) try to outdo the other in succeeding Stalin to the throne. Each of the characters is pompous and over the top. His children are particularly funny as they watch everyone try to one-up each other. Thumbs up for a movie that provides laughs all the way through while providing some interesting parallels to contemporary politics. It kind of reminded me of I, Tonya – the truth can sometimes be very funny.

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