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A Quiet Place

Lee (John Krasinski) and Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and their three children (one of whom is deaf and ends up being central to the plot) live in a world in which everyone has to maintain absolute quiet. They craft a world that will ensure, to the maximum extent possible, that silence can be maintained; for example, putting sand on the paths to muffle noises and heavily insulating the walls of their home.  Early in the film, we discover what happens when someone makes even the slightest noise. I won’t say much more about the story; even small tidbits of information would take away from the excitement of seeing events unfold on screen. This is an excellent horror film for many reasons. The primary reason is its central story of a family in crisis and how they deal with the many things that families deal with normally that become very big deals in a world where silence is imperative. Once the story sets up, the suspense is almost non-stop. Every crackle and pop leaves you holding onto your seat waiting for what will come next. There really is no bloody gore – it is all psychological terror. The screenplay is exceptionally well crafted – you have a deep, rich and suspenseful story that takes only 90 minutes to tell and has a satisfying ending. The acting by everyone, even the kids, is excellent. Big thumbs up from me for a film that relies a lot on psychological (some might say “old-fashioned”) terror for its success. Those who like horror films should definitely go see this one.

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