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Keep the Change

This is a fantastic, different kind of NYC romantic comedy. David has been court-ordered to attend a social organization for a summer at the Jewish Community Center because he told an off-color joke to a police officer. He spends his days at the center and his evenings trying to attract women through an online dating service. David doesn’t believe he belongs there (and his parents support this belief) and bides his time until he meets Sarah, who is extremely outgoing and gets him to work with her on a project. Sarah and David, and all of the people at the community center group, are on the autism spectrum. The movie is about how Sarah and David weather the various challenges to their relationship. I love this film. I did some exploring, and the two leads, as well as a couple of the other people in the group, are people who are autistic (the director has known the lead who plays David for quite some time). Having these people, who are unknown actors, star in a film about their lives is quite innovative. The film is well acted by all and treats the topic with humor (while still allowing the viewers to feel their own levels of discomfort in certain scenes). The best thing I liked is how much I grew to like the characters and see them as people trying to something we all try hard at – being in a good relationship together. Big thumbs up from me – if you like romantic comedies, this is a really great (and original) one.

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