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This film documents the professional and personal life of Ruth Bader Ginsberg. It tells the story of how she graduated from law school at a time when women were not welcomed in the law profession, her rise as a lawyer who successfully argued 5 out of 6 cases in front of the Supreme Court, was eventually confirmed to the Federal Court by President Carter, and eventually was nominated and appointed by President Clinton to serve on the high court. While the film isn’t a perfect documentary, I very much enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about her. It serves as a good history of Ginsberg, a love story about the more than 50-year marriage to her husband who supported her every step of the way, and a story of the equal rights movement of the 1970’s and the significant impact Ginsberg had in shaping legal precedent in this area. It is also very funny in places (I did not know about the “Notorious R.B.G.” phenomenon.  I would have liked it if it explored more her life on the high court in more depth from some of her contemporaries outside of her fans. Thumbs up from me for a film that is a good history lesson for people of any political persuasion and a good example of the power of civility and the ability to separate politics and friendship. I found her story to be very inspiring.

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