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This movie out of France, with both French and English dialogue (mostly English), is one fascinating and suspenseful revenge movie. Richard brings Jen, a girlfriend, to an undisclosed remote location by helicopter for a weekend together away from his family. Two other friends show up unexpectedly. A party, a misunderstanding, a rape, and it all ends horribly when Jen is pushed over a cliff and impaled on a tree stump. The rest of the story is bloody, suspenseful, and exhilarating. The film seems to have so many influences – I was reminded of Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween; the great volume of blood is reminiscent of so many shock horror movies (one wonders how there can be that much blood in one body); in Jen’s metamorphosis I thought of Kill Bill; and there is a bit of Charlize Theron from “Mad Max: Fury Road”. I love how the director (for whom apparently this is a first-time effort) stitches together the best aspects of each of these characters to create a feminist manifesto spearheaded by Jen, played by an amazing Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, whose transformation is awesome to behold. The cinematography is stunning; some of the scenes crafted to be beautiful (but shocking) to look at and visually funny at the same time. This film gets a big thumbs-up from me. It is a film that transcends particular genre, but I expect that someday this is going to end up as one of the midnight cult films. I cannot think of many friends for whom I would recommend this, but if you want to see something arty, creative, fast-paced, bloody, full of suspense, darkly humorous, and with one bad-ass Jen, see it. I think it is probably in very limited release but should be available to stream at some point.

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