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Deadpool 2

Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Deadpool, the superhero who can regenerate injured body parts. The film starts with Deadpool wanting to restart his life with his girlfriend. However, a bunch of bad guys enter the apartment, and Deadpool’s trajectory is drastically altered. A totally bad agent is sent back from the future to find and kill a guy who in this time is a teenager living in an orphanage. Deadpool canvases all of his forces to try to save the kid from a terrible future. The movie is very funny and is loaded with the same foul-mouthed humor as the first. It serves one of its purposes – to spoof the Marvel Comics movies. Ryan Reynolds is as charming and likeable as ever. The group of us who went had the same feeling after it was over – the first one was better, and this one seemed to try a bit too hard in places for laughs. In some places, the gags were so prolific that I felt like I wanted a break. One star of the film I really liked was Zazie Beetz who plays Domino, a woman whose superpower is luck (and she is really great to watch). So, thumbs-up from here for a film that doesn’t achieve what the first one did but still managed to keep me laughing from start to finish. And, Brad Pitt has a cameo that is very funny but also easy to miss – so pay attention.  And the credits are worth staying for.

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