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Solo: A Star Wars Story

This film is a side Star Wars story about Han Solo and how he teamed up with Chewbacca to become the renegades of the galaxy. On the plus side, Alden Ehrenreich made a decent young Solo, and you could see how he could evolve into the character made famous by Harrison Ford. And there was a lot of action. On the other side, the film tried a bit too hard to garner its humorous edge; for me, most of the laughs flopped where they should not have, and Reyle did not really think it was funny at all. I also thought the movie was too long. Overall, I give it a thumbs-up; in spite of its flaws, and its relatively lackluster punch compared to any of the other Star Wars movies, both Reyle and I found it entertaining.  This one could easily be seen as a rental when it becomes available.

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