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King Corn

This light, entertaining, and balanced documentary has as its subject corn, an all-American crop. Two young men decide to return to Iowa, where their families are from, and rent an acre of corn to better understand how it has taken over as the premier cash crop. Through their journey, the men examine how corn has become a staple of almost every food product; the primary sweetener used in sodas and so many foods, and the principle part of the diet of cows and pigs. They also examine how subsidies help farmers to make money on corn when it otherwise would be a losing operation financially. Thumbs up from me for a film that is entertaining and doesn’t come across “heavy-handed” in its approach to the subject. It is also one of the best food documentaries in terms of having a more even balance of the pros and cons of the various decisions and trends that have affected the evolution of the American corn story.

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