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The Cakemaker

(Hebrew, German, and English with subtitles): This film from Israel is the story of Thomas, who owns a bakery in Berlin. Thomas is having an affair with Oren, a married man from Jerusalem. Oren is killed in an accident in Jerusalem, and Thomas goes there to learn more about Oren. He takes a job in the café run by Oren’s widow. I absolutely loved this film and the way the complete story unfolds. It is a very moving and unusual love story, and kudos to the screenplay writer (who is also the director) for crafting a story that comes together slowly (like the fine pastries Thomas makes) and creates tension that kept me completely focused on the screen. The score is beautiful and lends to the overall delicate feel to the film. There is strategic use of flashback that brings many of the pieces of the story together late in the film and explains a few things that initially felt “contrived”.  The acting by the two leads is superb. Huge thumbs up for a film that is slow and very deliberate in its storytelling and gives us an incredibly beautiful and modern love story. I

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