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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

The fifth movie in the franchise finds the tyrannosaurus dinosaur to be bigger, badder, smarter, and harder to kill than the in the previous sequels. Chris Pratt is back as Owen, a dinosaur trainer. He and his maybe-girlfriend Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) return to the island to try to rescue the dinosaurs that have been roaming the island freely since the demise of the Jurassic World theme park in the previous sequel. A volcano has begun erupting and threatening to send the dinosaurs back into extinction. The rescue of several of the dinosaurs includes bringing some of them back to the US in cages. Things get kind of out of hand when a tyrannosaurus rex genetically engineered to be super smart becomes part of the mix. There is a lot of dinosaur action, Chris Pratt is sometimes funny, and the dialog as expected for the sequel borders on cheesy. In the end, it is just another good mindless popcorn movie; my daughter thought it was good, my son thought it was okay. So, thumbs up for a sequel that is part of a series that can never seem to match the first. I liked the fourth one much better than this one or the others, even if the Claire spends the entire movie running from dinosaurs in her 4-inch heels. This franchise reminds me of Jaws – the first one was great, the ones following manage to find new levels of corniness. I wish that someone would come along and either create an amazing sequel that rivals the original or create a truly funny movie that pokes fun at itself.

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