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Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) has just been released from prison. He has a daughter who his ex-wife won’t let him see until he straightens up, gets a job, and finds a decent place to live. He is conned into engaging in a heist that seems foolproof and that he hopes will help him change his circumstances. Through a series of events that I won’t reveal, he becomes Ant-man with the ability to shrink in size at will and simultaneously exude enormous strength. While I don’t think it measures up to the best of the Marvel comics films, such as the original Spiderman trilogy, the film is still a lot of fun. Paul Rudd makes a perfect Ant-man; he is charming and very funny as he bumbles his way into becoming an unlikely superhero. As long as I didn’t think too much about the details of the story – I mean, marshaling the power of ants seemed just a bit over the top, and the plotline about “father trying to win daughter’s affection” is well-worn but still rather sweet – the movie is entertaining and funny.  I watched it with my daughter, who saw the sequel, and she thought this film is as funny as Ant-man and the Wasp.  We give this one a thumbs-up.

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