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Rampage: Davis (Dwayne Johnson) is a war veteran who made a career change and became a primatologist. He communicates pretty well by using sign language with a gorilla (George). In outer space, an experiment goes awry, and an explosion results in a mysterious substance falling to earth in three different places. The substance causes genetic mutations resulting in rapid growth and increased violence. George inhaled the substance, as did two other creatures, and soon those extremely HUGE monsters descend upon Chicago. Davis serendipitously meets the person responsible for creating the substance, and together they plan to find a way to stop the rampage. The story is pretty goofy; there is nothing terribly novel in the plot, the changes in the DNA structure result in animals that can barely be stopped, and if there is an antidote, there is not much time to find it. Thus, it is your standard “popcorn movie” with Johnson flexing his muscles, showing profile, giving the knowing eye at the right times, being vulnerable yet confident when the situation calls for it, and running from creatures reminiscent of Godzilla who are making a big mess of Chicago. I watched this with my daughter, and she enjoyed it for the action and, I think mostly for the relationship between Davis and George that was rather sweet. So, her opinion counts for a lot, and we give this a thumbs up. This was a movie I could suspend judgment and enjoy with her.

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