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Eighth Grade

Kayla (Elsie Fisher) is in her last week of middle school and making the emotional transition to becoming a high school student. She lives in a world of Snapchat, texting, and YouTube videos in which she attempts to give others advice on how to survive adolescence. I really enjoyed this film. Elsie Fisher is excellent as the gawky young teenage girl trying to find herself in a social world dominated by technology and high expectations. The screenplay is well-crafted, and the writer was largely successful in reproducing this world that any of us who are parents understand – kids being constantly plugged into technology, parents trying to find their way into their kids’ lives, and young girls who are constantly bombarded with messages about how they should dress and carry themselves to be popular. I was amazed at how accurate much of the movie is. Thumbs up for a film that shows clearly that, even in an era in which kids are connected with technology and have access to more information than ever, there are some things about being a young teenager that just never change.

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