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The Miseducation of Cameron Post

After being discovered in a car by her boyfriend with another woman, Cameron (Chloe Grace Moretz) is sent away by relatives to God’s Promise, a camp to convert gay kids. There, she establishes friendships with two other campers, Jane (Sasha Lane) and Adam (Forrest Goodluck) as they all navigate a place where they don’t feel they belong. I enjoyed the film. Moretz, Lane, and Goodluck give wonderful performances and have great chemistry; I would have liked to have seen more scenes with them together. The close-ups of Moretz showcase her portrayal of a young adult abandoned by parents and friends and confused by the intentions of her new surroundings. Jennifer Ehle, who plays the camp psychologist, is positively creepy. The film gets a thumbs-up from me; it is a different take on the coming-of-age story. It was sometimes strange to watch – it is funny in places but then you realize that these kinds of religious gay conversion camps exist; it is a scary realization.

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