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I’ll See You in my Dreams

Blythe Danner is Carol, a middle-aged widow and former musician who leads a monotonous life since her husband died in a plane crash. Encouraged to break out of her routine by her girlfriends, Carol establishes a friendship with her pool man Lloyd, a romantic relationship with Bill (played by Sam Elliot) at the senior center at which she plays cards with her girlfriends and reconnects with her daughter. The movie was barely tolerable. I tend to like Blythe Danner, but in this film, she is working with a script that is not well executed. The character development is shallow; I never understood the relationship with Lloyd or why it was important, we never learn much about Bill, and the relationship with the daughter appears estranged but there aren’t reasons given why.  This film gets a thumbs down; my friend and I both wondered at the end why it was rated so high. The script is such a mess that no character can really succeed, and it is all rather predictable and cliché.

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