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On the Seventh Day (En el Séptimo Día)

This movie, in Spanish and English with Spanish and English subtitles, follows seven immigrant workers living together in Brooklyn for 7 days. They work a variety of jobs – delivery, restaurant, construction. They work hard during the week, and on Sundays, they all play soccer together on team Pueblas. Jose is the team captain, and their team makes it to the finals. However, Jose’s boss has told him that he has to work on Sunday, creating a dilemma for Jose and the team. I really enjoyed this film. The director creates a very natural feel to the film, almost like a documentary. He plays out the dilemma slowly and creates an aura of suspense that carries the film. The actors all appear to be untrained, and they provide remarkably solid performances. I have a great fondness for films that feature the lives of those who live on the margins yet are an integral part of the fabric of society, and this movie does a wonderful job of showing these immigrants working hard and playing hard and trying to stay under the radar. Thumbs up for a film that presents a very humanistic look at an issue that creates such polarization. The film is in limited release, I think, but it is definitely worth streaming when it becomes available.

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