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Debbie Ocean (played by Sandra Bullock), sister of Danny Ocean from the other Ocean’s films, has just been released from prison. During her 5 years, she has been plotting how to pull off the heist-of-all-heists: a necklace worth 150M dollars. I found the movie to be enjoyable but uneven. It was predictable and lacked any suspense or deviousness to make the heist more tenuous and interesting. I did like that the film was a gender twist on the other Ocean’s films. Some of the characters were more interesting than others. My favorites are Anne Hathaway, who is hilarious as model Daphne Kluger who is overly infatuated with herself, and Helena Bonham Carter as the ditzy has-been fashion designer Rose Weil who kept me laughing with her facial expressions and outlandish outfits. Akwafina was also good as pickpocket Constance. The other characters were good, but I found them rather forgettable. Thumbs up for a film that kept me moderately entertained and gave a few good laughs but that could have been much sharper.

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