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Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Melissa McCarthy gives a stunning performance as Lee Israel, who wrote biographies of famous females and, when her luck turned, she began forging personal letters from famous writers and actors. She becomes friends with Jack, a gay homeless man, who eventually becomes her accomplice. I really loved this film. I don’t know anything about Lee Israel, but McCarthy creates this really likeable, down-and-out, funny character who I believe could have been Lee Israel. Richard Grant, who plays Jack, is also excellent. They both do exceptional work alone and in scenes together – they create great chemistry. The script is well-written and moves along; even when you think they could not get any more from the story, McCarthy and Grant breathe fresh life and humor into the plot. Big thumbs up from me – we should see a best actress nod for McCarthy and supporting actor for Grant. I also think this is one of McCarthy’s best roles.

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