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This film is the newest from Yorgos Lanthimos, who is the director for the Lobster and Sacred Killing of Deer. His films are an acquired taste for many, and this is no exception. Set in the 18th century, England and France are at war. England is headed by Queen Anne (played by Olivia Colman in a masterful performance), who is sickly and rules England primarily through her friend/lover Lady Churchill (played by Rachel Weisz). One day, Abigail (Emma Stone in a brilliantly devious performance), who is Lady Churchill’s cousin, shows up and soon captures the affections of Anne. The movie is hilariously funny in a Monty Python sort of way as it lampoons the stuffiness of British politics. The film is timely in its portrayal of political infighting polarization. It is also fascinating to see the women wield power and also become caught up in their own infighting over who will become the Queen’s favorite. The acting is superb by everyone, and the cinematography is really unusual in its frequent use of fish-eye lenses. Big thumbs up from me for a smart, funny slice of historical fiction that should net nominations for Colman and Stone for sure and for costume and cinematography.

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