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(Spanish with English Subtitles). Alfonso Cuarón’s newest film takes place in 1971 in the Roma district of Mexico City. The social, political, and family lives at that time are seen through the eyes of Cleo, who is the maid for a fairly well-to-do family with four children. The film, shot in black and white, is a visual masterpiece. The black and white gives a feeling of reminiscent love the children had for the women who cared so much for Them. The close-ups are amazing, as are the wide-angle shots that have so much going on and provide a richness and deeply nuanced texture to the story. I like I was actually there in the story and was caught in the tension between the activities of daily life that keep us grounded and the hopes and dreams that become our future. The pacing is meticulous; the film builds slowly, setting the context for the events that take place during the last half of the film. The lead actress who plays Cleo is amazing; the film overall is very well acted. Big thumbs up for a film that I didn’t want to end and that I will most definitely see again. I am sure I will see new things I did not see the first time. This will be among my favorites of the year. Roma is available now (or will be soon) on Netflix. Hopefully more people will take a risk and watch the film.

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