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The Other Side of the Wind

This film is a restoration of the final film by Orson Welles, “The Other Side of the Wind”, a Hollywood satire. Jake Hannaford (played brilliantly by John Huston) is a fading director who is attempting a comeback in this final film, one that would be considered an arthouse film today. The movie has three different stories going on: The film itself in which you are the viewer, the making of the film, and the critique of the film (and a critique of the critique of the film). Each of these is interwoven into a satire-laced commentary on Hollywood and how it was changing. I found the film mostly intriguing, often very funny, sometimes very sad, and many times insightful. Some of the camerawork in the actual “film in the film” is amazing, and Welles incorporates a lot of his classic lighting techniques that characterize movies like Citizen Kane. The film gets a thumbs-up from me. I don’t think it will appeal too much to those who aren’t film buffs, but if you are one of those interested in film history and culture, definitely put it on your list. It is available on Netflix.

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